Home Security

Security is a cornerstone of day to day living. In order for any individual to be comfortable no matter where he is, it is crucial for one to ensure that, the place where one calls home is secure. This aspect highly affects how one’s inner peace is during the whole working day. Protecting our homes from burglary is a hard task.

One has to spend enormously by installing a up to date security system. One can even employ simple security measures. Here are a few tips on how to secure homes. Changing locks when one moves to a new house and even after keys get misplaced. Ensure the house seems occupied at all times. Use timers to switch lights on and off Thieves tend to look for unoccupied houses. Having a house pet e.g a dog keep thieves at bay. Burglars don’t like drawing attention. Friendly neighborhood helps too keeping thieves away. Alerting when anything or anyone suspicious comes by keeps everyone alert. Ask for work credentials if anyone knocks on your door.

Ask one to slip the I. D under the door. If doubtful confirm with the relevant authorities or work place. Ensure you have a good security door by either ensuring hinges are inside the house or making sure the door has less space from the frame.

Avoid sliding doors because they are easy to open. Ensure the windows have one or more locks, an affordable alarm system, burglar proof glass and solder the screw heads. When away from home, ask your trusted neighbors to fill u fill up your garbage bins. Adjust your home telephone volume to low if you wont be away from home for a long time Unanswered phone calls and high rings are attractions to burglars. Trim vegetation around your home. Trees and shrubs near windows or doors need to be trimmed.-Install home external lights and motion detectors to reduce darkness and easy quick entry. If there are any valuable items e.g paintings, ensure that they are facing away from doors or windows.

Avoid hiding keys in ‘special hiding areas’ such as door mats as burglars know most hiding areas. Hide keys far from the house but in a place where you can remember. Make it a routine to lock all doors when at home. Avoid overcrowding of mails and parcels at the door step. Forward them to trusted friend or have the postal office hold them until you back. Hold newspapers deliveries when away for summer or vacation.