Quick and Easy Ways to Upgrade Security at Home

Being street smart is one requirement for people who live alone. But what does this really mean? Should you buy every new home security tool to continue to be safe? Of course not, but you also need to understand that as a single person, you are in charge of your defense and you may wish to invest in your self-preservation skills to keep away from becoming a target of an intruder assault. Here are some easy and inexpensive strategies to boost your protection against criminals…

  1. Install a Monitored Home Security System

Studies have shown time and again that a monitored home alarm with a reputable company is one of the best theft deterrents. In fact, homes with alarm systems are much less likely to get broken into when compared to homes without such alarms.

  1. Set up Hard-to-Pick Locks

Lockpicking is an art that lots of thieves have mastered and you have to be aware of this Investing on locks that won’t get picked quickly means you have time to call the police or alert the neighbor if an intruder is in your backyard.

  1. Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Yes, it can be a drain on your electrical energy, but keeping your backyard lights open could dissuade criminals. Cover the lights with a shielding case if possible in order that the robber won’t be able to easily break them. If you think about it, the electricity fee is very marginal if you make it a habit of turning off the garden lighting fixtures in the crack of dawn. What matters is you’re relatively safer at nighttime if the backyard lighting fixtures are turned on Intruders do not want to attract attention, and they normally hate being under bright light while they are trying to sneak in

  1. Avoid Flimsy Curtains

Blinds conceal and give protection to you, while flimsy curtains plainly advertise that you’re always on your own inside the home. In addition, flimsy curtains could make it easy for any individual to look inside and have a look at your home security safeguards.

  1. Have Espresso at Home with a Friend Occasionally

When you live on your own, you never know who may be observing your habits. Having a friend over in the afternoons for coffee might make it seem like you do not live on your own. And, whatever you do, never let people know you live alone. Dodge the question, or say something vague if anyone asks straight. In fact, you should be wary of any stranger who pointedly asks if you live by yourself.

  1. Setting up Bells

Bells are most commonly used for religious and artistic reasons, but you can also use these noisy devices for your home security. Install the chimes inside the doorway instead of outside. The Wind or a slight breeze could make the bells ring if they’re set up outside the doorway, but if they’re installed inside and they ring in the middle of the night, it might mean that an interloper is in the house.